Killerig Golf 17th Hole

In a time when we are constantly surrounded by doom and gloom stories,its so refreshing to hear of a business thats succeeding in getting ahead.Killerrig golf club celebrates its 11th anniversary this year and prospects are looking good for the Co. Carlow club.Membership numbers are up year on year for the last two years,those paying green fees have increased,and there are already a large number of societies booked in for the coming season.

According to David Dillon,Killerig course manager,the key to this success was realigning their strategy especially in 2010.According to David

it became very obvious, very quickly that we needed to become more proactive to be shown to offer real quality and value.

David and his team at killerig set about offering reduced midweek green fee rates in order to attract an improved “foot fall” level.This generated an increase in green fee revenue,and also offered the opportunity to non members to familiarise themselves with the course and clubhouse.The knock on effect has been that many of these green fee players have now converted to full membership.And with a variety of flexible payment arrangements in place,members can pay for their membership in a way that suits them.

Killerig golf club has always realised the importance of society revenue,and societies have always been very welcome.However with the number of people out of work,society numbers are greatly reduced on those of say,three years ago.Societies are looking for better value,and more flexibility on options open to them,and the competition for their business has become fierce.Throughout the course of 2010  Killerig set about putting in place a strategy of making sure that their name was synonymous with offering the best society golf in the region.And based on pre-bookings for 2011,it is a strategy that has paid dividends.

If you are interested in enquiring about membership,or simply wish to sample what killerig have on offer then you can call them on 059-9163000

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